Rae’s voice graced the house scene in 2008 with her first release Cant Stop.

The Collaboration with Kings of Tomorrow/Sandy Rivera was picked up by Defected and went on to be a firm house classic that summer.

Fast becoming an artist in demand she has been writing and recording non-stop since and she is creating a strong buzz throughout the dance world.

Rising at a fast pace, Rae’s live performances are a unique experience. Her peaky DJ sets combined with slick live vocals are performed with energy and style.

This year we saw Rae’s second release on Defected with ATFC. “Give me Luv“ proving to be yet another club land smash.

Persuasion is Rae’s latest single, Rae penned the lyrics and with Sandy’s production the magic of this collaboration has hit crowds all over the world. Released on Blackwiz and picked up by Pete Tong on Radio 1 Persuasion is another hot release. The video sets a cool vibe and with regular play on MTV dance people everywhere are tuning in.

Rae is currently working on forthcoming releases with a number of hot producers and completing her album with Sandy Rivera. The project aptly named KOTRAE (Kings of tomorrow & Rae) started when they met in 07, it is a journey influenced by their love for chill out, leftfield and live electronic music. This album will be an innovative step forward from the dance world.

Rae is breaking boundaries, her vibe is infectious and with rocking DJ sets and potent vocals she is proving to be one diverse and talented female on the scene to watch out for. Her sets dip and dive through infectious, energetic beats and peaky drop outs. A familiar hook grabs you and anthemic elements get under your skin. With refreshing talent, Rae has nailed the art of delivering seamless vocals through a roof raising DJ set