Dance music afficiando Pete Heller is a ‘one stop shop of kicking dance beats and modern soul music’, and undoubtedly remains to be one of dance music¹s most influential producers and in demand DJs!

the break
1989, and Pete had the opportunity to became resident warm-up DJ to Danny Rampling at his legendary London house club, The Shoom Club. It was also at the Shoom Club where Pete met Terry Farley and together with Andy Weatherall, collaborated in his first co-production. The track, ‘Raise’ by Bocca Juniors, was released on the newly formed Boys Own Records label. Heller and Farley continued to work together remixing and producing for the likes of The Farm and Primal Scream. When the deal with London Records ended, both were instrumental in the formation of the independent Junior Boys Own label and continued to produce their own material under pseudonyms such as Fire Island, Roach Motel and Heller and Farley Project.

the music
Pete’s impact on the world of dance music has been staggering. As part of ‘Heller and Farley’ , he has worked both as a remixer and producer, collaborating with artists as diverse as Kylie Minogue, Michael Jackson, Robert Owens, Janet Jackson, U2, Happy Mondays, Lisa Stansfield, aswell as producing the club classic ‘Ultra Flava’.

As a individual he has achieved chart success with ‘Big Love’, and produced club dynamite with tracks such as ‘Sputnik’ and ‘Big Room Drama’. His sought after studio wizardry has provided the opportunity to remix the likes of Faithless, Fatboy Slim, Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers, Moby, Jamiroquai, to name but a few from the glittering list.