Mark Wilkinson

In this industry, people like Mark Wilkinson are hard to come by. His history reads like a house music bible.

Across the globe he’s deejayed in over 65 countries, produced with the world’s greatest music makers, had chart topping success, and shaped half a dozen production monikers along the way; and this is a mere drop in the ocean on his career. Mark’s personality is larger than life, which is why he’s such a success: say ‘Mark Wilkinson’ to most people in this business and nine times out of ten you’ll get a story back about a time when they crossed paths with him…

Since the early 90’s, Mark’s recording career has gained at fast pace and today is still as successful as ever. One of his first projects ‘Problem Kids’ was with Rocky from the infamous Xpress2, which saw the kids releasing their music on labels including Junior Boys Own and Paper Recordings. Mark, now fully smitten by the music teamed up with legend house producer Paul Jackson to create the outfit ‘Kidstuff’ whose records went onto be signed by the UK’s biggest house label’s, Defected and Azuli Records. After a string of releases, Mark felt a platform to release his own tracks and tracks he loved by others, was in need.

Keeping with the theme that had developed, Kidology Records was conceived. It was during this time that his most current and probably most popular guise ‘Dab Hands’ was born. Dab Hands has had success for remix duties on Lou Reed’s ‘Satellite Of Love’, which made it into the Top 10 of the UK national charts; with 'Supergood' - a cross over hit on Virgin / Ten Records in 2005, and ‘DYOT’, which was later released on Gusto Records, was an ‘essential tune’ for Radio 1’s Pete Tong..

Mark gave his own name a working in May 2007 by releasing ‘Playground Stuff' on Phonetic Recordings as his first ever release under his own name, and Dab Hands are back in the spotlight with ‘Supergood’ which has seen a re-release on Gusto/ Kidology Records and is riding high across in the Club Charts. Not to rest on his laurels, Mark runs his own party named after his label ‘Kidology’, which has held the fort at Ministry of Sound, AKA and The End. But it’s been 2007 that has firmly established Kidology as one of London’s strongest nights with monthly parties at The Cross and Plan B. The formation of ‘The Kidology Kidettes' has had a lot to do with this - a group of outgoing girls who have made the party into a vibrant, colourful affair. Kidology’s ethos is about putting the 'party' feeling back into club land.

It's outrageous, flamboyant, and friendly, and encompasses a special brand of 'glamorous silliness'. Kidology parties have a mix of gorgeous and loyal fans, saucy Kidettes, superb quality music, excellent production, and a vibe like no other. Kidology has quickly become the name on everyone's lips. Now recognised as one of London’s most uniquely styled nights out, Kidology raised the bar again in 2008 by saying farewell to The Cross and Plan B, and saying huge hello to Pacha London.

And that’s not all, 2008 saw Kidology parties galore all over the UK as well as El Divino Ibiza & International tours, and the launch of a CD London After Dark. 2009 is no different, with Kidology nights regularly in London, Bristol, Leeds, Brighton & now an amazing tie up with Salvacion Ibiza for every Tuesday night @ El Divino presenting a new night ‘IBIZA REPUBLIK’ plus many more National & International tours in the diary, London’s freshest nightclub brand goes from strength to strength.