aka Ian has been on the DJ Circuit near on 20 years now. Known as GHOST by night and Ian by day he has always managed to juggle his DJ aspirations with a 9 to 5. GHOST is very sensitive about his name and where it actually came from. He only likes to be called his DJ name when playing a set otherwise he likes to be called Ian !!!

Originally learning his trade back in 1986 when the Hip Hop culture first took of in the UK. GHOST has stuck firmly to his musical roots over the years. He has watched many DJ’s switch to Acid House, Chicago House and Garage, US House, Jungle, UK Garage and so on. His own thoughts are don’t chase the quick buck, love the music first and the rest will follow.

Back in 1986 GHOST then known as DJ Bones teamed up with fellow DJ Nicky G and MC KC doing weekly gigs at the Pioneer Youth Club as well as various House Parties round the area. Now back then House Parties were the Bomb. All night parties, wicked atmosphere, roads blocked of by cars and not one bit of trouble. Sometimes these parties would go on for the whole weekend. GHOST and KC teamed up for about 4 years before KC got the bug to become a DJ himself.

Next up in the late 80’s, early 90’s were the field parties that went on to be better known as Acid Raves. Now GHOST played in one of these near the old Gamebird in Watford. 100,000 people all packed into a field and not a hint of trouble. What a buzz.