Chris Kaeser

Chris Kaeser has been one of France’s leading DJs for numerous years plying his trade at some of the country’s top clubs.
Throughout the nineties Chris produced many tracks with his nephew David and with another leading light on the French House scene Antoine Clamaran.

Through this time Chris delivered many hit releases “Nightlife,” and the hit ‘Over’ which stayed at No.1 on the Beat port chart for 5 weeks. Following this came ‘Boogie Star’, ‘Harmony’ and remixes for the likes of Da Hool, DJ Rooster & Sammy Peralta, Funky People, Laurent Pautrat and many more.

Fast forward to 2006 and Chris established his own label ‘D-Tracks’, with heavyweight releases from Ian Carey, Stonebridge, Macca, Seamus Haji, Robbie Rivera, Thomas Gold, Arno Cost, Wawa, Henrik B, K-Klass, DLG amongst others.

Notably around this time Chris released his own international breakthrough track ‘I Feel Fire’ featuring Linda Newman and launched an international tour schedule that took him around the globe from Hollywood to Amsterdam, Barcelona to Miami, Israel, Poland, Moscow and more.

Chris’ career has continued its skyrocket trajectory both at home in France, nationwide on radio FG, and internationally with the release of more quality tracks including ‘The Weekend’ ‘The Rhythm Of The Beat’ (which David Guetta snapped up for his annual compilation) and of course the massive release "Who's in the house” the track has been signed in 14 countries and hit the national charts in France.

French DJs also made it become number one of the year in annual DJ Buzz

2010 is starting faster and stronger with the release of the second single "Back To The Rhythm" with magic voice of Max'C on Barclay/Universal.

Stay tuned, 2010 appears to be a big CK year with the release of the first upcoming album of this supremely talented artist.