Sam McComb Biog

Over the last few years Sam has edged himself into the Belfast club circuit, having held a residency every Friday at La Lea nightclub in Belfast was definitely his kick start in becoming established. Over the course of Sam’s time at the club he helped promote the night and advise on the music policy.

At this point Sam became a regular in La Lea’s sister bar, Irene and Nans where he soon became a firm favourite amongst the local punters.
He has recently moved on from these venues and is now pushing to expand himself within the scene, playing at venues such as Ollies at the Merchant, Belfast's all nighter Event Horizon, Scratch and Mono.

Musically Sam can adapt to different musical styles, he has learnt the art of warming up, playing nice smooth deep house with catchy vocals at just the right pace to get the crowd in the mood for proceedings. Whilst on the other hand Sam can just as easy step up to the plate at peak time and give the crowd what they want with upfront new music and the odd classic thrown in.

Regularly attending Miami as a delegate for the winter music conference and flying to Ibiza it wasn’t long before the latest break came in 2009, when he got the chance to play in Ibiza. Spinning at well known an well respected venues such as Savannah Sunset bar, (3 days after Pete Tong played!) Kanya and club Viva. In these venues musically it was all about house music, playing groovy beats to get everyone in the mood for the big parties later on.

Fresh home from Ibiza Sam began to become a regular at Club Mono on Saturdays and very quickly found himself on the same bill as legends such as Allister Whitehead and Seb Fontaine.
The Seb Fontaine gig was Sam’s best DJ gig to date. A jam packed club received Sam’s enthusiasm behind the decks and his ability to choose the correct records for building the night very well.

Outside of the clubs, Sam is a regular on Cool FM’s Saturday dance show The Source. He does live guest mixes from the Cool Pod at the Odyssey Pavilion in Belfast on monthly rotation.
During the course of 2010 Sam has done several radio interviews for Radio 1 introducing and also RTE Pulse.

Now as 2010 is coming to a close Sam has secured himself as a full resident at Mono which is simply going from strength to strength, Playing alongside big names such as David Penn, ATFC, Soul Avengerz, Hayley Parsons and Arno Cost on a regular basis.

With Sam’s constant drive and enthusiasm for music, 2011 is set for Sam’s profile to rise even further.